Hello everyone. I've been transitioning for almost 11 months now. I didn't actually decide to do it until I stopped getting my extensions almost two mths ago. I am embracing the journey and have no plans to perm. However, this is TOUGH. I have one relative and one friend who are natural and if it weren't for them and youtube I don't know what i'd do. Anyway, my biggest issue is hairstyles. I've been doing flat twists for the most part because they have come out better than braid outs and two strand twists. My issue is that they would be fine if i didn't have to pull my roots out for volume. Within minutes my hair turns into a poof. Like today, I usually end up with some version of a curly half fro. I can't keep going to work like this! I tried yesterday to not pull them out as much and they still turn into a dull, dry mess after a few hrs. After spending a lot of $$$ on products, i'm beginning to think it's just my hair! I only have about one or two inches of permed ends left. I need a style. At leastsomething presentable. I'm lost. I moisturize, oil, every healthy thing I read. Is this just a weird phase or is this my hair forever?! Help, pls. Btw, I am a bit limited because I try to headband it and not pull my edges since I got severe breakage from the braids. Hairstyles? Advice? Or just support. Tx.

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