Wanted to take the time to thank Pomegranatecurl for bringing up this topic in the first place. It led me to do a one week experiment in which I low-poo'd straight. I found from my utterly subjective experience (and that's any of us curly girls can ever do--evaluate things subjectively) that even with a super gentle low poo, I do better with mostly co-washing/the occasional low poo. (I guess you can call it the Jules-CG-method. Go Jules!) However, it was really informative and helpful for P.C. to share her observations, and seeing as how she's lost a lot of density over the past four months and is frightened, I think it's great that she came on the forum to try to spare anybody else that particular brand of misfortune. It's opened my eyes a little, too. I noticed yesterday while low pooing that I tend to shed more hair on my left side so I'll be sure to keep an eye on that. And while I already massaged my scalp quite gently, but I'm going to heed those warnings about massaging too vigorously all the more so and be on the lookout!
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