I love my curly hair. I have thick large curls; type 3a/3b hair. I have had so many hair cut disasters, I don't know where to start. Most of them involve cutting my hair too short (since my hair is so thick, it needs to be mid back or longer dry).

Over the past year, I tried out a new salon. They specialized in Ouidad cuts. I never had a Ouidad cut before. The first time, I told the stylist/salon owner that I LOVED my length and to be extremely conservative with the Ouidad carving technique because I was scissor shy. She proceeded to give me a good (not great) cut. Since she didn't ruin it (that's my standard for a good curly haircut), I went back to her in January of this year. This time she cut more length (a little too short but I was ok with the length after one month of growth) and did more carve and slice. I didn't like the carve and slice the second time around because it made my hair, for the first time in my life, look really thin (not good) and it made it frizzy on top.

I went in one week ago for another cut and asked her to be very conservative with length because I liked the length and asked her not to do any carve and slice at all because I didn't like the frizz and thinness. She seemed very irritated and proceeded to tell me that I really should and said she wouldn't do it on the top of my hair but will on the bottom (underneath), which will avoid the frizz. I trusted her. Well, I HATE MY HAIR NOW! I CAN'T EVEN LOOK IN THE MIRROR WITHOUT TEARS WELLING IN MY EYES! Not only is it too short, but instead of having a "triangle top" I have a "mushroom top" where the top of my hair is puffy and frizzy but my curls on the bottom are stringy and EXTREMELY THIN! It looks like a geri curl when before I had long, gorgeous, flowing curly hair. It will take SO LONG to grow it out because the "carve and weave" layers are so close to my head. I might as well shave my head and start from scratch.

To add insult to injury, the cut cost $95 plus tip. Additionally, she pushes products to a point where it is extremely uncomfortable and I feel guilty for not forking over hundreds of dollars more to buy the products. Plus, during every one of these appointments, I got to the appointment early but she was running 15-30 minutes behind. Additionally, while she was working on me, she would also work on 2 other clients and worked on them while putting me under the dryer for too long of a time or letting me sit with conditioner on. For this price, I should feel pampered and not feel like she is maximizing her profit on my watch.

I want to write a yelp review about this. And a naturally curly review. But she only has good reviews that I would feel bad about writing a review like this, even though I am being completely honest. What should I do?