my hair is about a 3b...with a little 3c underneath in the back, i try to stay away from heat like its the plague because my hair damages very easily, i have been rolling my hair also but i will do it on a weekend on a day when i dont have to go out, i use medium sized velcro rollers (i like medium because for some reason if i try to pull my hair completely straight without heat it tends to frizz on the bottom), i like velcro rollers because unlike magnetic rollers your hair doesnt have to be PERFECTLY and COMPLETELY wet, which means faster drying, i will let it air dry mostly and to speed up the process i will sit under the dryer *ON THE COLD SETTING* for like an hour or however long i feel like sitting there then once it is dry i will wrap it and just put my satin scarf on and sleep like that, the next morning i get the same results without any heat....for those talking about flexi rods, they are way easier to use (i only use about 10 on my entire head), dry faster, and are much easier to sleep on at night because they are more flat and dont come off my head, but i also noticed my curls dont come out as nice, ive noticed the flexi rods dont pull my roots as straight and they give me more sausage kind of curls and as with rollers when i use larger ones my hair tends to frizz so i tend to use flexi rods when im not really doing anything important yet i dont feel like just doing a wash n go