Wanted to take the time to thank Pomegranatecurl for bringing up this topic in the first place. It led me to do a one week experiment in which I low-poo'd straight. I found from my utterly subjective experience (and that's any of us curly girls can ever do--evaluate things subjectively) that even with a super gentle low poo, I do better with mostly co-washing/the occasional low poo. (I guess you can call it the Jules-CG-method. Go Jules!) However, it was really informative and helpful for P.C. to share her observations, and seeing as how she's lost a lot of density over the past four months and is frightened, I think it's great that she came on the forum to try to spare anybody else that particular brand of misfortune. It's opened my eyes a little, too. I noticed yesterday while low pooing that I tend to shed more hair on my left side so I'll be sure to keep an eye on that. And while I already massaged my scalp quite gently, but I'm going to heed those warnings about massaging too vigorously all the more so and be on the lookout!
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Thanks Dusa! I really appreciate the support. Really this is the only place I can come for true support. If I go to other people who have never heard of the CG method before and I tell them I've been co-washing and then my hair thinned.... they'll just look at me like I'm insane and say something like "of course your hair fell out what on earth would make you wash your hair with conditioner!!!!????" And I'm like... um the people on the internet? LOL.

Massaging gently... yesss I could not recommend this enough! For the co-washers, there is a difference between thorough and vigorous. Make sure you're massaging thoroughly but not so hard you're yanking your hair out! Take your time in the shower if you need to.

Also the detangling... my word of advice is to be gentle and definitely use a conditioner w/ good slip. There's lots of good conditioners out there that are moisturizing but don't necessarily give good slip. For example, the Nature's Gate Jojoba condish (which I love) has moisture but little slip, and hence is not good for detangling. If an RO that you love doesn't have the slip, you can always use a detangler in the shower as well, like KCKT. I've used it before my RO as well as after. Not saying that having a separate detangler and RO is the ideal situation for everyone, but it is an option. Just make sure whatever you are using to detangle whether it is your RO, your LI, your dentangler/LI, whatever, make sure it has good slip!