I have fine hair, normal porosity and normal elasticitity, normal-thick density. My hair lays flat on my head with frizz and the curl falling out no matter what I seem to do. I have a good cut that is above my shoulders. Things seem to have gotten worse after having a baby, breastfeeding, losing 65 pounds, and having surgery in March. Any of those things may have been affecting my hair. I have tried Deva products and all the gels seem to weigh my hair down. Herbal Essences set me up, same problem. If I co-wash, its very limp and flat so low sulfate shampoo on a regular basis used to be the thing that did the trick for me. I have been trying curl junkie products thinking my hair needs protein and no luck there either. I have been using the CCCC lite cream and curl queen gel. I like them better than the Deva since my hair doesn't seem to have a greasy residue with them, but the curl still falls right out of my hair after an hour. Are these gels just too heavy for my hair? Is there a gel out there that is very very lightweight that will still hold curl? Or do I just need to ride out the hormonal changes?