Thanks! The other one I want to try is botanical spirits purée....can you answer the same ? About that one?
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I just used that one today! So shouldn't have to go smell it, as I did with the UFD CM. It's more "herby," but not bad. Dissipates quickly. When I first used it, I got the tightest curls--ever. But they felt odd. Now that I've learned more, I thought it might be some type of sugar. If you've used the SM Souffle, that feeling. She's changed the formula and that odd feeling is gone. It's better in higher dewpoints, the Stretch Gelee in lower dewpoints.

I made the mistake of giving the SM Souffle one more chance as a middle product. I added some Sucragel AOF and Sea Kelp Biofermant--to it (two of my favorite ingredients in FSG and okra gel.) I'm afraid my hair might get that feeling when it dries.

Don't know if that answers your question.
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