After experimenting with gels and the CG method, my hair is disgusting... My hair hates gel and not having at least SOME silicone in it. I am going to pick up my old staple condition (Tresemme Flawless curls) and get back to my old routine. Before I was CG, my hair had great 3A and some 3B ringlets. I started the CG method after some color damage last fall. I have been CG until now and my curls are now a frizzy, stringy, limp mess of 2B/2C with some straggly straight pieces!

Anyway, now to get to my REAL request:

does anyone recommend any MOUSSES? I know mousse isn't as popular but my hair DOES NOT like gels. It didn't before the color damage, either. I do not care if the mousse contains silicone or not. I'd prefer if it could be bought at a drugstore, but if not then I'd like to hear about it anyway.

Thanks, curlies!