I've been looking at Jamaican black castor oil, and I'm intrigued. I've heard that it's supposed to thicken your hair? Does it really, and if so how? I mean, does it make more hair grow in, grow faster, or does it thicken the individual strands? Also, would it stain highlighted, blonde hair? My hair LOVES oils so now this one has piqued my interest, especially hearing that it help with growth!
Just starting CG! 5-13

2A, fine, dense, high porosity, highlighted

low-poo: Leonor Greyl bain vitalisant b*
co-wash: CJ smoothing*
RO: ^, SS Caitlin's*
DT: CJ rehab
LI: CJ rehab
stylers: CJ CCCC*
oils: coconut


loves: aloe, oils, esp. coconut
hates: acv, baking soda
on the fence about polyquats