My hair seems to be a LITTLE bit negative to gels too! Have you ever tried cream gels instead? They are less harsh than other gels. Anyways, a great mousse I once used was John Frieda mousse. And also, my hair REALLY hated the CG method too, but it all depends on what your doing.

For one thing, my water in my area is quite hard, (which means it has lots of minerals) so without a clarifying shampoo, it would build up and up in my hair, leaving frizzy lifeless curls. Also, product would never seem to want to leave my hair. Turns out secret silicones were hiding in my products.

anyways, good ones are John Frieda and I also heard that Garnier has some great mousses too. I don't enjoy buying very expensive hair products, because I fear it might not work! Also, they Pantene has some No Crunch whip. It didn't work so well, because today I discovered I have 2C hair, so it's more wavy. Was doing things wrong the whole time, go figure!

To me it's so hard to keep up with the CG program because such good looking and affordable products have silicones, and oh why. I hope I helped!

ALSO, STAY AWAY FROM DOVE MOUSSE. They changed their formula and boy is it awful! Horrible reviews!