Honestly like I posted in the main threat in this. My hair over the past 3 years has been super thin. I'm losing my curl. I've been scrubbing my scalp pretty hard when I cowashed. Cowashing made my hair limp and dry and very weak (even with protein treatments) over the past year. My hair has also been losing its curl. I have straight roots now and more like a wave lose curl at the ends. Before I had very course super curly hair and alot of bumps and waves at the roots, which made straightening a pain back when i did it. I don't know if cowashing made my hair lose its curl and made it thinner if it is thinner??? But I am however doing a new study on my own hair. I stopped cowashing for a week and just low pooed/gentle shampooed and so far my hair seems happier and more full. Not dry at all. I never saw shedding when I cowashed and I dont see it that much when I shampoo. However my scalp has been getting super dry cos I've been shampooing every day. so Im gonna skip a wash and see if my hair like that. Its probably gonna take a month for me to see if my hair gets like it use to but hey my hair might have changed from getting older or taking meds. I am not complaining though. I do like my hair with less curl and a little thinner But I know that I am not like going bald. I just feel like cowashing was training my hair to be weighed down by all this condish so we will see if shampooing it more helps.

I do however would go see a docter if you feel like you're loosing more hair if it hasnt stopped but hey if it stopped when you stopped cowashing then that must be it. maybe take some hair vitamins to help it get healthy again.

good luck!