I had cleansed my hair with a lowpoo once a week for 3 years. Last month, I experimented with cowashing every day for a week.

I have type 4 hair and it's past shoulder length. I was afraid that I would have tangles and knots galore but what pushed me to try is the fact that my scalp cannot handle once a week cleansing. I workout a minimum of 5 days a week and sweat heavily in my head and everywhere else so I decided to stop being in denial about my once-a-week cleansing session being enough for my scalp and to do something about it.

What I found was my hair loved the everyday exposure to water and was very moisturized and soft. However, my scalp was itchy. This could have been due to the conditioner not doing the job with getting the scalp clean or my scalp not liking conditioner on it. I tend to lean towards the latter since I have sensitive skin in general and my scalp has never been an exception.

Also, I did shed slightly more hair than I did when I was cleansing once a week. It was only a slight difference though and I didn't get alarmed about it.

The biggest surprise though was the knots and tangles that I thought I was going to contend with were pretty much nonexistent with the everyday cowashing. In fact, my usual practice of cleansing and protective styling for the week (i.e. bun, twists) yielded more knots and tangles than the everyday cowashing!

Yet and still, my problem wasn't solved because my scalp was still not happy.

So last week I experimented with a modified cowash midweek. I cleansed with a lowpoo on Saturday then on Wednesday morning I slathered my length in my RO conditioner (taking care to keep the conditioner away from my scalp) and applied my lowpoo to my scalp scrubbing gently. My scalp was singing when I got done and the shedding of hair was minimal! I think (for now), I've found what works.

1. My scalp needs attention more than once a week but not necessarily every day.
2. A midweek cleansing gives my scalp what it needs without overmanipulating my hair (as evidenced by the minimal shedding and breakage of hairs).
3. Cowashing works for me if it's done in a way where the conditioner is not applied directly to my scalp.

The thing is, though the shedding of hair was only slightly higher than when I lowpoo'd once a week, had I continued to cowash, who knows how this would have added up over time? My hair grows pretty slow as it is but I've always had a nice amount of density. I'd hate to lose a positive asset that my hair has (high density) and have the growth be stunted even more. You know?

That's why this thread caught my eye and was interesting to me. It's taught me that however slight, any difference in the way our hair acts to a product or technique needs to be noted and watched carefully. Also, I've always had the mindset to experiment and see what works for MY hair no matter how many people say something particular works for their hair. But this thread just solidifies for me that I'm on the right track with this line of thinking.

Thanks Pomegranate Curl for sharing your experiences.
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