Thank you Firefox, those articles are great! So basically, since massaging is what's causing the growth, I'm probably just going to stick to using coconut oil. A few days ago I did a coconut oil treatment and scalp massage, and was fully expecting my hair to be slightly oilier. Instead, it's been 3 days and I haven't even had to wash my hair yet, whereas normally it's a daily thing. So I think I'm already sold on scalp massages, lol! Growth would just be icing on the cake.
Just starting CG! 5-13

2A, fine, dense, high porosity, highlighted

low-poo: Leonor Greyl bain vitalisant b*
co-wash: CJ smoothing*
RO: ^, SS Caitlin's*
DT: CJ rehab
LI: CJ rehab
stylers: CJ CCCC*
oils: coconut


loves: aloe, oils, esp. coconut
hates: acv, baking soda
on the fence about polyquats