Well, darn! I figured as much.

We are currently using the DevaCurl line for everything but the morning detangling, and the scalp issues developed out of nowhere a couple of month ago. (I figure mine was due to expecting baby #4, but obviously that's not what's effecting DD.) Also our budget has changed, so I was looking for some inexpensive alternatives.

As to the pineapple or loose braid overnight, we have used the loose braid with success in the past, but it's hit and miss when she lets me do that.*Again, I figure one battle at a time.

Guess I'll stick with the Suave detangler for non-wash days even though it's only working so-so.
Grew up thinking I had straight hair that was just messy and in need of a good brushing.
Discovered my true texture and transitioned to CG in April 2009.
Now I'm a 2c/3a using the DevaCurl line, and I'm finally developing a deeper love for my hair!