Some Wal-Marts carry the "Yes to..." products. Yes to Carrots pampering conditioner is very similar to One Condition. You can use any Suave Naturals or V05 conditioners as a No Poo alternative. Many here like Suave's Tropical Coconut (has protein) and Everlasting Sunshine. If you have hard water issues, V05's Vanilla Mint Tea as ETDA to counteract mineral deposits. I also love using the Moisture Milks.

As far as gel is concerned, I have discovered that L.A. Looks Nutra Gel (green bottle) is similar in consistency to Deva Curl Ultra Defining Gel. That one is hard to find on the ground, but very affordable using sites like Amazon or Many people here also use the L.A. Looks Sports Gel (clear bottle, blue gel) or the Mega Mega Hold (clear bottle, yellow gel.) Herbal Essences Set Me Up gel, Aussie's Awesome Volume and Aussie's Instant freeze gels are all basically hard hold gels that can repel excess water in the air.

If you are lucky enough, some Wal-Marts even carry BioSilk Rock Hard Gelee - an HG extra hard hold gel for some S'Wavies.

If you are not looking for hard hold gel, Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Scrunching gel provides good definition. However, my waves fall rather easy with this gel.

If you are a DIYer, whole flax seeds (linseeds) can be picked up at some grocery health food stores. Boil 1/4 cup of seeds with 2 cups of water to make your own gel. I find that flax seed gel (FSG) work similar to KCCC for clumping. I still need to add a hard hold gel on top of it to get my waves to stay.

Hope this gives you some ideas!
CG Journey Start Date: 08.21.12 Now modified CG
F/M texture, Med Density, Low/Normal Porosity, Hennindigo

Current Routine (Still working out the kinks):

Sulfate wash: CHSTS
Low-Poo: OMAO
Rinse Out: YTCarrots, DLOO, Renpure Red, GVPCB
LI: YTCarrots, CCC
Gel: BRHG+Biotera