Okay, ladies, you've sold me. I WILL try it as a detangler. Just the once. But it's so pricey I think I might still have to keep it as a leave in. $12 plus tax for 8 ounces. . . I fear I can't afford to get addicted to the stuff. Although maybe it's so potent I wouldn't need sooo much. I don't know. . . I can, however, afford to be addicted to marshmallow root!

I got my marshmallow root from iherb and I think they might ship to Asia. . . Just a thought. To make a detangling serum/syrup (sort of thick) I boil a tbsp of marshmallow root with one cup of water, wait until it releases the mucilage (it will turn yellow), then I strain and get in the shower, use that on my already wet conditioned and rinsed hair or I can add the syrup to some conditioner in a bowl. It makes detangling a breeze. I've used the syrup on days when I save my hair rinse/detangling session for the fourth day. Please note I use it the same day. I do not keep it in the fridge as there is nothing in the plain syrup to preserve it.

Starwest Botanicals, Marshmallow Root, Organic, 1 lb - iHerb.com
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