Deva curl products seem to build up on me after a few uses. I have tried a lot of products and have found that many of the less expensive brands work better for me than the more expensive ones. I really like Tresseme Naturals and the Suave Coconut conditioners as a cowash. TN is lighter and I often cleanse with that and use the richer Suave as a RO if I need to use one. And the blue LA sports gel is excellent. I much prefer it to Deva ArcAngle. Again, it's the buildup I get from the Deva products. The LA gel has great hold, dries clean, and is very inexpensive. A huge bottle costs 2 or 3 dollars. All of these products are carried in the stores you mentioned, at least in my area. These three products are my all time favorite budget products.
2b/2c ( weather permitting - 3a), fine texture but lots of it, colored and highlights, BSL.
Experimenting w CG since Oct 2012

Current rotation:
cowash= TN
AG Gel Mousse, LA Gel,
DT = Coconut oil (love)