Sorry it's not really about ingredients but I have a quick question: how do you like the hold of FSG? Is it a strong, medium or light hold? Do you usually use strong, medium or light holds? What kind of hold works best for your hair? You have fine hair, right? I have fine hair too and strong hold gels weigh my hair down. So I was wondering about FSG, whether it's strong or med or light.
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Oh no problem! I'm happy to answer your questions.

If I compare FSG to BRHG (not just strong hold, but rock hard hold, literally) and CJ Curl Queen (light hold, curls will go limp at the end of the day), I'd say FSG has medium hold. I thought I wanted strong hold products, but my hair looks much more natural with medium hold, so for the moment, medium hold seems to work best for me. I have fine hair, yes, and FSG definitely doesn't weigh it down. Neither did BRHG, btw, but it dried my ends and I'm much more into natural products anyway.

The thing with FSG is that you can modify the basic recipe as much as you want and create a gel that works best for you. The basic recipe consists of just water and flaxseeds. Most people add oils (I haven't done that yet - figured I'd try it first before buying any oils), and there are plenty of other things you can use. I did add some honey because I read that it provides hold. Thus far I like it. My curls are much more defined and they look best in the evening, something I couldn't achieve with CJ CQ. I get some nice clumps (but not too much, still looks really natural) and my hair starts to spiral. I have to admit that I'm a FSG newbie (hence the idea to create an ingredient topic) but I'm really excited about the results so far. I don't use anything under or over it, just FSG. I even had great hair on my washing day, whereas it usually looks a bit fuzzy and undefined.

Let me know if you have any other questions!
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