Welcome! If you have high porosity coarse hair I'd lose the shampoos and go over to conditioner only washing. Coconut oil is wonderful for porous hair, even better in combination with honey which you can use as they are on dry hair, or mix with a cheap silicone free conditioner to make your own deep treatment. You may also benefit from some hydrolysed protein.

The Suave mask is just silicones and mineral oil/ petroleum jelly, it is not Curly Girl friendly and doesn't contain anything that will penetrate or benefit the strength/ health of hair. Nexxus cream is also loaded with silicones and contains a little mineral oil. If you have build up from these two products you will not be able to assess your hair properties accurately and they may block out the beneficial effect of the coconut oil.
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Thanks so much for your help Firefox. I have dark hair, doesn't honey change the color? I would love to keep my hair as dark as possible.
Do you have a recipe that I could use for the deep treatment?

And yes, I had some buildup ... I think I have figured that one though, by washing my hair really carefully with kiwi lime conditioner and applying tea tree oil on my scalp before washing (at least is what I did on Saturday and I didn't get any residue on my scalp)

Do you have recommendations on specific cheap products I could start experimenting with? Today I made my first flax seed gel... I haven't tried it yet, but can't wait