Various thoughts:

So apparently my right eye compensating for my left eye has been going on for a while, gauging by how strangely difficult it is to get used to these new glasses. My left eye aches a bit now sometimes, which I can't understand; if it's getting the right magnification, why should it hurt?
The trick to buying leggings (for me) is to go up a size. More comfortable, less fitted (relatively speaking).
A. at the party yesterday: whew! It seemed that at any moment she might fall over drunk. And now she's wearing spit-curls with her bobbed hair. You know how some people just make you anxious? Yes.
Why did S. get remarried so fast? It doesn't make her seem any less guilty about her participation in the swindle. Also, was that her, or her sister last week? Regardless, what a kook. OTOH, consider her parents: realistically, what were her chances of not turning out nutty? I'm sad for the sweet kids, though.
What a mess.
I think one needs a very specific type of body to look good in flat sandals. Unfortunately, I do not have that body type. I wish I did, but alas, I do not.
Why is there no in-between option on (the big) Kindle's version of Scrabble?It's either too easy or too difficult. And I can't find the accepted words list.
Mia and I saw the blue heron this afternoon. It's been awhile. Happy s/he's back.


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