I get in inordinately annoyed my mother's lack of self sufficiency. It's not that she can't do things for herself, she just has a litany of reasons why others should do things for her and instead of saying thank you, it's criticism about how they did it wrong.
This isn't new, but my parents just moved nearby (for the first time in 26 years I live in the same town as them - prior to this it's been about 400 miles or more), I think I'm just around it more and it's just building.
I don't like this about myself, that I'm mad at my mom for not doing things herself. Her health isn't great and I see so many things she could do for herself to make things better but instead she plays the"poor me" card and doesn't help herself.
I wish I was able to just coddle her, but I'm afraid I'm not built like that.

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