Hi girls,
Please help! I've always had thin hair (doesn't really run in the family though), I've had blood tests etc done and nothing has come up.
Since I moved 200 miles it got worse. To start with I just thought it was the stress of moving or the water etc, but after 5 years it's still an ongoing problem
I used to be able to put my hair up and hair a hair clip in. Now my hair is so thin the same clip wont stay in for more than an hour. (I don't normally wear my hair up as I heard this can make it worse)
I eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, take a multivitamin and pretty much everything else I can do.

I've had hairdressers give me various shampoos and potions to "help" but nothing does.
I've also taken a hair/skin/nail tablet which hasn't had any effect.

Then, my hairdresser 6 months ago, noticed a patch of hair (about 3" in diameter) of hair breakage. It looked like it had been caught in a hairdryer (despite not using one on my hair). I was mortified. The hair is still there and is significantly thinner than my already thin hair, plus it kinks out when it's been washed.

I've also got hair breakage all over the top of my hair. My hair feels thicker at the roots than it does at the nape.

Please help! I'm at my wits end.
ps the photo is from my engagement shoot. I'd love normal hair.
Originally Posted by Hamster
We have the same type of hair. I wish I knew. It runs in my family as starts at the same age.