Don't give up the grapes! I have seen many kitchens that use the grape theme and it always looks nice. The one thing about a themed room, though, is that you don't want it to become too theme-y. You have just done a beautiful kitchen remodel -- don't overclutter the space with accessories to bring out a theme. I've seen this done time and time again and it makes my head hurt!

I like the valances, I just don't care for the grapes on the top that go over the valance rod.

And we have friends who had a room with a yellow walls and one orange accent wall and I loved it. That's why I like playing around on that site. It gives you a lot of options to try out!
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I know what you mean about going overboard on the grapes. Believe me, the whole reason to redo the kitchen was so I *won't* have clutter anymore (hidden places for everything now!). I'll curb myself on the decor.

So, the valances are ok with the grapes within the panel, just not the ones on the tabs. It looks like they can be removed, they're just stitched on. Would that work with maybe 2" faux wood blinds for the dining side? I don't know about the kitchen garden window over the sink, but I'd like something to be able to close/tilt for the strong morning sun that comes in a bleaches out the new cabinets (you could really tell on the old ones when we tore out). And what color blinds if I do?

So, if I go with something similar to the Anjou Pear, what would you suggest for the ceiling?? Trim-- bright white?

And does it matter if the wall color is similar to the carpeting that is adjoining and will meet on the one wall? Or go more yellow? Lucent yellow?

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