Right outside of ppl's personal offices there are sometimes little tables or credenzas. And ppl may but a candy dish on there. Or maybe the candy dish is on a bookshelf right inside of the peron's office and they leave the door wide open when they leave for the day. Or maybe it's on a receptionst's or secretary's desk out in a common area.

I assumed the candy is there for ppl visiting the candy dish owner in his/her office. Or in the case of the receptionsts' and secretaries' candy, I assumed it was for external visitors, like to make them feel welcome.

Some nights I work pretty late (mostly to make up for the time i waste on here ) and I might be the only one on the floor. I get hungry, and I wander over to someone's candy dish, even if I normally don't transact any work-related business w/ the person or even speak to them all that much. And I may take up 10 jolly ranchers. Or 5 Sweettarts. Or similar. Or it could be a little as a single piece.

If I do this more than once or twice, I will buy a big bag of loose candy and replace what i've taken probably five times over. But it doesn't happen immediately. It may be a month or two before I get around to it. And when I replace it, I also do it late at night, kinda surrepitiously, just like how I initially took the candy. LOL

I guess I just don't understand why the candy is there, who it's for and what the protocol is for replacing.

Do I need to be sneaking it in and out or am I wecome to it? Like is anyone annoyed or confused about why they have a lot less candy some mornings or where the heaps of replacement candy is coming from?

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