I thought the candy was for both.

But mostly for co-workers and themselves. I don't know how many randoms walk through your office, but here, there aren't as many. But we currently have a counter with two candy jars of packaged chocolates (kit-kats, twix, etc.), a bowl of mixed nuts, a bowl of skittles, and probably 4-6 bags of different popcorn options. And that isn't including the three packaged chocolate dishes and one peppermint bowl about 20 feet over in the reception area.

Thankfully we requested fruit during our last staff meeting and now there is fruit in the kitchen. I loved it when we were buying tangelos. Mmmmm.... tangelos.

Mix of 3s, thick, coarse, medium porosity

Current hair styling technique: rake with a scrunch at the end. (works with my coarse hair)

pw: curls

Known HGs: KCCC, homemade fsg, honey