So my ex told me a ton of times that I make strange noises when I sleep. She had even gone so far as to ask if I loudly masturbate in the middle of the night because she hears me. I would get SO OFFENDED at her making up that crap. Just because she is bothered by masturbation, I thought she was trying to make me feel bad (as she had done in other situations). She also said I would grind my teeth a lot. Which I know I do. I had a terrible headache yesterday and figured I must be grinding my teeth again.

So over the weekend, I got another smart alarm app. This one evidently records sleeping noises it hears in the middle of the night. This morning, I saw all sorts of stuff on the noise chart so I hit play on one. OH. MY. GOODNESS. I made some INTERESTING noises. Moans and stuff. And I can clearly hear myself grinding my teeth.

Not good. I feel compelled to apologize for how I had acted when she would mention it, but I won't.

But world: I feel bad I acted like that. I had no idea I slept so loudly!

Seriously though. What is up with the moans? Am I turning around? What the funk am I doing?
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I really want to know what app this is! I know I talk and make noises - sometimes I wake myself mid sentence - I would LOVE to know what I actually sound like (although... it does sort of scare me LOL)

and also - I don't think you probably owe her any apologies at this point? how about how she acted/sounded when she was AWAKE??
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