I think most people have have that feeling of (ugh I'm so old) wash over them from time to time. I turned 29 and I thought to myself OMG this is it I'm officially old now and my hubby who is 43 looked at me like pllllease! And rolled his eyes. In some situations I feel younger than I am like at work where I'm one of the youngest practicing in the office and then other times I feel old. People usually think I am younger too which I use to mind at 25 but not so much anymore lol. I remember being 19 and thinking I wish I was older so I could do more things and feel like an adult now I don't wish to age anymore. Sometimes on my birthday I just think about all the people who didn't make it to their next birthday for whatever reason and feel lucky to have another year of life. I hope I make it to your beautiful age healthy and happy.

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