Hello, everyone!

I've been lurking/reading information on this wonderful site for quite some time, now. I thought it might be time to finally introduce myself and share my curly hair woes/seek advice from those who are so much more knowledgeable. I have privately emailed a couple of you- thank you so much, rbb and kathymack!- for excellent advice, but will now pose my questions to the group.

I had a hair analysis/profile run in September 2011. At that time the results showed that I have fine hair (and now as I'm approaching 50(!) it has thinned, as well), with normal porosity and normal elasticity. I have been coloring it for several years but am considering letting it go grey soon. Also, I have seborrheic dermatitis, so have some scalp issues which make it difficult to stick to a solely CG/modified CG care of my hair. Finally, I have been going to a local stylist known to be a great curly hair cutter for the last couple of years but I have not been very happy with the results for the last few cuts as my hair's already thinning and it seems like the way that she cuts it (I swear it looks like she's razoring it, but she insists she's not) only makes it appear thinner and frizzier afterwards.

Any advice on good, solid hair stylists (not "stylish", just good) for curly hair in Austin would be appreciated, as well as any thoughts on thinning hair (my TSH/thyroid's fine, and I am starting to take Biotin again) or curly- friendly seborrheic dermatitis hair products would also be extremely welcome.

Thanks so much, in advance!