Hi fotogrrl. Well, I think you'd have to use a lot of it over and over and over in the wrong places to get it to grow hair in those wrong places - I have enough trouble getting it to grow hair even in the right places!

This is what I do. I buy the generic Rogaine foam in drugstore. It's really hard to open the product by the way - it's in those childproof things. I manage to open it but it's a struggle.

It's a foam exactly like hair mousse. I just dispense a very little - like a teaspooon on my fingers and rub it into where I want the hair to grow. I start with one side of my hairline and do it again on the other side. Then a bigger blob about the size of a huge fluffy tablespoon and rub it onto the back of my scalp where I first noticed the hair loss.

I'm very careless and it gets on my forehead (just wipe away with water on a tissue) and all my sizes of how much I listed above are approximate. I'm really very haphazard and half asleep when I do it so it must be very hard to screw it up because I'm like whatever....

Then I try to wait a few minutes for it to dry a little and pass out asleep. Half the time I don't even wait but I should because it gets on my pillowcase but I'm too tired to care.

That's all there is to it. I was very nervous the first time but I have been using it for years and it works and nothing bad ever happened. There are instructions in the package. I understand totally if you are nervous about it, but I am more concerned about how it might affect your seb. dermatitis than anything else. That would be important to check with a dermatologist. You don't want some horrible itchy rash or something to develop.

I'll bet if you do a search for Rogaine you will read other people's experiences on this website. I know other people use it with good results as far as I remember.

Please post back and let us know what you decide.
Take care and best of luck!
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