1: I pretty much do that to. I start at the bottom, going down in short little spurts. Then I go back up a little further and finger detangle down. If I hit a bad know, I'll put conditioner and maybe a little extra water on it, then I pick it apart with my fingers.

2: Man, this question is hard because I pretty much have the same problem. Yes to Carrots is the best conditioner I've used in my hair for detangling and styling. I just really love it, even though it does cost slightly more than I want to pay for it. Sometimes Walgreens will have bogos on it, and so you could try shopping for sales. Tressume Naturals and GVP Conditioning Balm are suppose to be pretty detangling.

3: I feel like using a moisturizing leave in and having healthy hair helps prevent knots. Also, are you doing anything to protect it at night? Like, do you have a satin pillow case? Do you put it up when you go to bed? Maybe you could try a satin bonnet.
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Thanks for making your post so structured with my questions! lol Ok, so you pick apart the knots...I do the same thing when its an extremely bad one, but I was getting worried that it was bad. But then I was becoming conflicted bc it's bad to rip through it so picking it apart must be a way better and curl effective way to take the knots out!

YTC is so amazing, I guess it's not really that bad of a price and that is why I hate even having to consider getting something even more cheaper. I am definitely going to look out for some sales on that bc so many stores sell it too! The last time I tried TN, was a while ago, so maybe I will re-try it again if it's a good detangler. It's funny bc Deva Curl One condition gave me the best detangling results, so then I tried YTC bc it was the same and cheaper, but now it's like ughhh I need something cheaper than that.

At night, I wrap my hair with a silk scarf. I make sure it wraps under the nape of my hair bc those are very prone to knots as well. It works ok. Pineappling is alright but I think it messes with the spring or elasticity of my curls. I haven't done it in a while so I am on 2nd day good hair (miracle for me! lol) so I might try that tonight.

Thanks to you as well for your wonderful input
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