I'm trying to use a local website just because it will be easier on my wallet and I can avoid things going through customs and such.

My hair is not long enough in the front to make a loose ponytail and even with a tight one (which isn't comfortable) hair manages to come loose because it's not actually under the tie. Speaking of which, what exactly is pony tail damage? I can't really walk around with a scrunchy... but eventually I will need to start wearing a pony tail for work.

I don't really understand some things regarding conditioners. Why are some people using a co-wash conditioner, then another conditioner, a deep conditioner, and then a leave in conditioner?

I think I'm going to need to be doing home made things. Been trying to translate the ingredients on my own and it's not really possible for me. I checked the recipe section but none of them have any reviews. Should I just try them? For instance, would baking soda and water really be enough as a "shampoo"?

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