Friend: you have awesome curls today!
Me: Yesterday I put olive oil and honey in my hair and I left it in for an hour before rinsing it out.
Friend: You what?

Me: Today I will try x on my hair
Friend: Are you ever going to stop experimenting with your hair?

Me in front of the mirror in the bathroom at school, with my head upside down and scrunching with wet hands after being outside in the wind.
My friend brushing her hair next to me: OMG these tangles, I'm tired of them. I definitely hate brushing my hair.
Me: I only comb my hair once every three days or so, when showering
Friend: blank face

Mother: Can you brush your hair please?
Me: If you want me to look like I have been in an explosion, I can yes.

(Ps: both the friend and mother are straighthaired, obviously)