I have always been an avid workout DVD person. Gyms have never worked out for me. I have many different DVDs ranging from Billy Blanks, Jillian Michaels, to some non-famous individuals. However, I like to change things up!

YOUTUBE IS THE BOMB FOR WORKOUT VIDEOS! I have found SO MANY ranging from yoga to high intensity cardio! Say it's leg day right? And you want to add in some cardio...just type in cardio and legs and you will find so many vids!

As a side tip, if you choose to do this, which I really hope you do, try to pick the videos BEFORE you workout. Say you do wait until you are ready to work out you don't want to end up spending another half an hour trying to find a new one when you are either pressed for time or that half hour could have been a full workout!

I love it and suggest it to anyone trying to switch up their workouts. I have been noticing that I tend to work out longer (over an hour) and I don't even realize it!
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