The ingredients are the same. But the description is different, in addition the color ( pale yellow as opposed to clear opaque ) and consistency is different too. This new one is so thin, I can't scoop it out it feels literally like water.
I will try it today too see if my hair reacts the same.
Originally Posted by turquoisecurls
I did look around and found both the Curling Souffle and the Curling Gel Souffle. I did not find any of the "old" tubs, only the ones that have Gel in the name. I bought one of them just to compare to the "old" product I have at home. The ingredients are exactly the same, in the same order.

The new product does look different, a bit yellow-ish and grainy looking, not crystal clear and pearly like the old stuff. However, it definitely was NOT watery at all, the consistency was nearly identical to the old stuff but maybe a bit rubbery-er in the tub (and not grainy at all). I think you may have gotten a bad batch.

I did use some of the new stuff and it did basically what the old stuff did in my hair.

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