Just wanted to share (and so I can remember later)...
Tonight I clarified with a sulfate shampoo first (to get a fresh start) and then used a 50/50 mix of kinky curly come clean shampoo and coconut oil. I did add more oil to the lower half of my curls too and rinsed. I then spritzed with my vinegar/water mix and added TJ tea tree conditioner and let that sit a few minutes. Rinsed. Scrunched hair into turbie towel. Added a little coconut oil to ends, used a small amount of MD leave in, scrunched in some LALSG (normal amount), diffused to about 90%, air dried and scrunched. My hair feels very soft. It turned out really nice. Soft, shiny and I have nice definition and volume. My hair feels "light".
I think I will do this twice a week and co-wash or use my No Poo in between. I do remember liking doing this method with shampoo bars as well so I will alternate between shampoo bars and a low poo.

Does everyone else do this for every wash? How often do you wash with shampoo+oil?