yesterday I went to an animal shelter site to get donation information - and ended up looking at dogs - and stumbled across one who looks a lot like my Finlay, a cute little poodle mix. I really don't need another dog - but he's so darn cute. (obviously I would meet him and have Finlay meet him prior to any adoption)

but, I sort of tabled it in my head and was talking to a coworker about it this morning, saying that I really didn't want to pay adoption fees right now in addition to the additional pet fee at my apt, etc etc. But that my parents were looking and maybe they'd go out and see him

I went on the site to show her the little guy and I see a banner announcing fee-waived adoptions this weekend (!!!!)

(to be clear, I can afford to adopt another dog and provide for him, but it's much nicer when the fee is waived)

so now I'm thinking about it.....
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