Perri! Go for it! I've been looking around for a dog lately. Trying to figure out where to go and who to see. I've got a coupe of dogs that I've seen online that I'd like to go meet and see if they are for me, but some of them are asking for crazy adoption amounts.

I'm willing to pay, but like you, its better when its waived.

Good luck!
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I called the shelter and talked to the lady and asked about temperment, etc - he sounds very much like Finlay did when I brought him home - terrified of everything. He does need help with his potty training, but he's 4 years old, so he's smart enough to "hopefully" catch on quickly.

Now, it is sort of down to "how much responsibility do I want" - Finlay and I have a fantastic, quiet little life - I'm not sure I want to disrupt that.

so, I've told myself that I won't make any decisions this weekend, I don't want to get him "just because he's free"

I've got an appt to meet him later this afternoon but right now I am thinking it may be best to cancel it and to think on it longer.
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