Darn it, I received my Botanical Spirits purée today and I didn't realize it was a jelly/ pudding. I guess I was expecting it to be more liquidy like SS CEJ or okra gel (I really like the gooey stuff).

I hope this one is better for me than coil jam, which is the same consistency... Unless I'm not using coil jam correctly, it seems to give my hair almost a dull finish and flakes on me.

Any other enhances that are gooey?

I think I'll have to continue experimenting with jellies- they just seem hit or miss for me. I wish I loved the CK CJ because of all my products, I heart the smell the most.

I'll report back once I actually use it.
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Had to go up and look at my new ones. I noticed it came in a jar with a pump, instead of a bottle with a pump. Still have most of that bottle, so didn't think to try it. The product is thicker then the prior bottles. Went to the website and there is nothing about a new formula, so I expect it to be the same, just thicker. I'll try to remember to compare the ingredients when I go upstairs, again.

Something you have to remember. A lot of these products are made in someone's kitchen and not manufactured. They are similar a lot of the time, but might be a little different. If you ordered another batch of Mudd from BB, it might not be identical to your first batch.

Since I know how much you love okra gel, I relate a similar experience. Was close to the Indian grocery, so picked up some fresh okra last weekend. Made a new batch of okra gel because I was down to my last 8 ounces. Last time, I used guar gum as a thickener--the hydroethylcellulose was lumpy the time before that. I decided to make a slurry out of the hydroethylcellulose, because my hair really likes it. (also used some gelatin) It was almost room temperature and really hadn't thickened enough. So, I made a slurry out of some guar gum and added 1/2 of what I used in my previous batch. Looked about right when I finished. All I can say is that this stuff is really thick. I was worried because I ended up with 10 cups! This stuff is GREAT. I used it yesterday (we're in the middle of a heat wave) and my hair looked really good. Looked at it before my shower this morning (after the health club) and it wasn't bad. I rarely, if ever, do second day hair. But thicker was even better with the okra gel! So, maybe it will be great with the Puree.
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