I have to say I disagree with anyone who thinks you should continue stretching your hair. I am in the same situation as you with hip length damaged hair, all because some lady on youtube claimed you can prevent split ends by doing braid out's only. Now my entire hair midshaft is damaged and my ends are healthy. My husband thinks I am just obsessing, so cutting my hair off is going to make him think that even more. I am going to trim a half inch per month. My advice is do not stretch your hair. Wear a loose bun. Right now everything will aggravate the splits but a healthy low tension regimen will help your new hair grow in stronger. Although lack of moisture can be a cause, in your case having healthy ends, it is NOT. Do not stretch your hair! My hair is fine like yours, I don't even dry braid it now. My advice is do a hair porosity test and follow the regimen of someone with healthy hair who has the same porosity.