I've been having a frizz issue so I want to try a PT. Before I run out and spend more money on hair products (I swear I'm running out of bathroom space to store all my rejects!), I wanted to ask about a treatment I already have in stock and see what other curlies think.

The Paul Mitchell keratin treatment and daily conditioner are two products I have on hand. My hair responds to the treatment pretty well when I straighten my hair, but I worry that the keratin will straighten my curls out.

I remember trying the treatment in the past when I was trying to determine my protein status, and I had strawlike hair. BUT I didn't deep treat or condition after the PT, so I'm wondering if that's why my hair responded the way it did.

Basically I'm desperate for a way to make my curl less frizzy during the summer humidity and trying to makeover my curly routine.
Mostly 2c
Medium Width, Low Porosity (unsure), and Med-High Density
Frizz is a huge problem for me

Routine currently undergoing maintenance.
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Mousse: HETT
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DT: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle

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