im on the job hunt!...ive been hunting for about a month...not as aggresively as i should though. ive had 4 interviews and one job offer which i rejected. i went to my 4th interview today. it is for an entry level position with a marketing company. it was really nerve wracking because they didnt ask me ANY of the traditional questions...they didnt even ask me why i wanted to work there...all they did was ask me behavioral questions, eek! the two people that interviewed me said they were very impressed by me and so it seems pretty promising.

one thing i think i TOTALLY screwed up on was the salary...he asked me what i was looking for, i said "im flexible with salary, mainly looking for the right opportunity"...then he told me that their starting is 38K...and without thinking i said "my minimum was 35K so that sounds good"...i dont know why i said that. i left no room for negotiation. is it possible to negotiate once i get the offer...IF i get the offer?