Oh, I'm so glad so many are interested in this!

I say yes, we should also post the products we use, too. And sure, let's just go ahead and post the pictures right in this thread. I think what I'll do is post the first day, and then on the 2nd day, post the 1st day AND the 2nd day picture side-by-side, and so-on through the week.

And, this thread should keep going for awhile... Even if you don't do this first 7 days, people can start with their own individual 7 day challenges whenever it's convenient!

And yes...I'm going to have to set a timer to remind me to take a picture, or something....hmm....
Currently using and loving: KCKT & KCCC, Suave Coconut, BRHG, GVP Conditioning Balm

Next up to try: Protein Treatments

3a/fine/almost waist length when pulled straight; bra-strap length when curly