Oh boy do I ever feel your pain! I've had my fair share of doozies (like others, I'm sure!). I usually end up straightening mine for weeks until it grows out enough to style it curly again. Ugh, it's SUCH a nightmare though!!!

While I can't make your hair grow, I can send a big ol' virtual hug!

Before you write your review, honestly, I would go back and speak to the manager, be honest about the fact that this is NOT what you asked for and are most certainly NOT happy with the cut. (I'm sure the last place you want to go is back there though!)

I became a hairdresser myself to "save the world" from hairdressers who don't know how to do curly hair! LOL! There is nothing I hate more than knowing someone is unhappy with their hair when they leave my salon. I always offer the next service for free, or refund, whatever it is to help make it right. I would hope they would do the same! I know I'm far from perfect, but I try to at least do the right thing if I screw up!!

I feel for ya! Sending quick growing vibes your way!!!

Maureen - I might try loading my hair up with product and drying it under a cap like you suggested too!