Correct me if I'm wrong, but are most of you air drying? I don't get a big difference either because I diffuse out most of crunch.
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Well, for the picture I posted I air dried. And I violated the rule of "a little goes a long way" with KCCC to show how crunchy I'd get if I was trying to protect my hair from any sort of activity. (Sleeping, exercising, etc.) And then I scrunched out my crunch by going for a jog because it was a pretty tight gelcast. I'm not so good at the manual scrunching. I prefer to just let things unravel naturally but if I have to do it myself I do it with a little bit of leave in conditioner in my hands. Shea Moisture's milk. I don't like to SOTC emptyhanded. I feel like I get neater results with the milk.
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