I noticed something really strange...

I prefer to use mousse in fact because it's easier to get into my hair for me and less sticky, but I vary between mousse and gel because gel is less drying for me than mousse is.

The strange thing I noticed is that if I use gel, I get a huuuuuge difference between before and after SOTC (first stringy and doesn't look like I have a lot of hair, afterwards I get the volume), and with mousse the difference is really less visible. Mousse also doesn't leave me as crunchy as gel does. (so for me, if I would have to leave home before my hair would be dry I would probably use mousse).

Did anyone else notice this difference, that before SOTC looks more "before SOTC" with gel as with mousse?

Jules: you also have a huge difference between before and after SOTC, do you use gel or mousse?