This is sad, sometimes I just can't believe there are still people who live on this planet that are so disgusting to other human beings.

I read about the story on Hollywood Gossip and they said that the problem people had with the ad was because of the fact that the little girl was African American and the mother was white. They were not negative about the commercial, but I had to write in telling them that the little girl was bi racial not just black. She is equally a part of each parent not just one and by labeling her they were still being a bit ignorant. They then changed the wording in the article.

I come from a very mixed family, there are many cultures and races represented and even different religions. I love being a part of a family that is so rich in culture and heritage.

I'm mixed, and my husband and I are of different races, cultures and religions, we embrace each other and learn from each other.

Recently on my trip to Dubai a man from Iran asked me if I was Spanish and I said no, he then asked me if I was Indian "or something"...and I said no I'm Canadian and he said but Canadian's are white.
I was a little taken back by that but I told him that NO Canadian's are ALL colors just like American's and unless you are Native Indian you aren't native to the country, everyone else moved to Canada from other places at one point in time. I couldn't believe people still thought that way and I didn't bother telling him that that I'm mixed I was just ticked off.

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