Laura: frizz? what frizz?
Compared to my frizz, this is peanuts!

Chloe: I know as well that the point of this thread is to show that not every day is a good hair day, but I'm still not going to begin now . Probably after the exams I will though. It's just because I'm not doing the same effort I do normally... and I'm putting my hair in buns or ponytails and do a lot of things with my hair to keep it out of my face when it starts to annoy me that I normally don't do...

Laura: totally offtopic:
You would like the essay I'm writing now I guess. It's a paper about a couple of writers (especially Latinamerican writers though), but more of a receptionstudy with comparisons of the reception of different books worldwide. You probably know Index Translationum, right? (it's not accurate, I know)... my essay will look really fancy with tables and stuff
I don't know why exactly, but I thought of you when I was writing it