Here's my day 1! I've been technically CG for a few months but the products I was using were building up and weren't all that nice feeling so I did I sulfate wash and started using deva no-poo and oneC among others (in my sig.). So today I wet my hair used OneC as a leave-in and HE set me up as my gel (raked in). This is after working for 6 hours as a barista so not too bad I might say. I'm going to try and scrunch all my products in tomorrow and see how that goes (after doing a protein treatment tonight cuz my hair is starting to feel a little squishy).

Sorry for all the writing...

3B, fine texture, normal porosity, normal elasticity

Starting CG over beginning June 2013

Co-Wash: Treseme Naturals
Cleanse: Waiting on DB and CJDF
Rinse out: Biolage CB, Yes to Carrots, Giovanni 50:50
LI: Treseme Naturals, Yes to Carrots
Stylers: KCCC
PT: IAgirl's PT

No: Polyquats, BTMS in leave-ins/stylers
Yes: Protein, ACV, Oils