Hey curlisue. KCCC is very very concentrated. I bought my first jar in the beginning of December I think and I still have it. It's down to the last tenth of the jar. That is enough for at least two to three more weeks for me. It's well worth the price. If we're going by how long it lasts you, I think KCCC is much cheaper than other gels and gellies and mousses. What have you. I think it's difficult to quantify how much I use normally bc of KCCC's consistency. It's very gelatinous and mucous-like. So I just know when I have enough on my fingers but I'd say I use anywhere from a dime to a quarter size for each application? It spreads very easily. Once you get the hang of it you'll know how much is in your hair and whether or not it's enough. Oh also be aware for most people KCCC increases their drying time by a few hours. But if you diffuse that's no problem.
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I would 2nd what dusalocks said here. My mum bought me KCCC for my birthday (the smaller jar) at the very beginning of January. I JUST bought the bigger jar because it's my HG, but the smaller jar lasted up until the beginning of May when it got stolen (yes. stolen. someone knew what was valuable! :P ) ...and I still had a good bit left in the jar.

I have hair that is nearly waist-length when pulled straight (bra-strap length when curly), and quite a bit of it (although I've lost a ton because of health stuff lately) ...so, I'd say that the KCCC is definitely worth the money for how long it lasts. Plus, like I said, when I use it along with KCKT, it's totally my HG, so it's obviously worth it to me.
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