Musicalia 2013: Peek a Boo - YouTube

Musicalia 2013: Tomahawk - YouTube

here are a couple of youtube videos of me playing banjo in a big honking old time music session at a festival in may 2013--you can see me from the back. i'm the one with the red rain coat and gray multi hair. my hair looks really crappy when i am camping, it gets a bit frizzy as i ignore it most of the time, esp since it was cold and rainy at that festival...but this is 3 years of growth. i also would like more silver but it is what it is...i fought my hair and my hair won... (some of you are old enough to remember that song
Susan suburban NY
3b going gray, not thick, waist length when wet, a bit below shoulders when dry
CG since 11/11/04
PW: banjo
HG: suave and honey for co-wash, deva, i use garnier fructis regular CO's or boots pink or white as leave ins and LA looks sport gel. plop w microfiber turban, then curl towel scrunch, then another turban.i sleep with the turban on. little one minute hair styling videos